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Arid zone bats and fenced conservation reserves

In February 2022 I began my PhD with the Centre for Ecosystem Science at UNSW. My primary field site is the Wild Deserts project in Sturt National Park, 'Corner Country' NSW. The project aims to assess any impacts of fenced conservation reserves, incorporating the well established Arid Recovery project as an additional field site, with potential for future applications and management implications. 

Acoustic bat lures

A significant part of my MSc thesis focused on the use and efficacy of acoustic bat lures. This work included practical field tests on Borneo, as well as a global online survey of practitioners and researchers use of these devices. My field test were recently published in Ecology & Evolution, and my survey, highlighting ethical concerns and recommending guidelines is published in Acta ChiropterologicaBelow I present the results in a presentation to the Bat Conservation Trust. 

Acoustic bat lures presentation - BCT

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