Conservation should be prioritised for natures inherent value.

Originally from the UK I spent 13 years in New Zealand, and now have the pleasure of calling the ultra-diverse and beautifully rugged country of Australia home, specifically Meanjin (Brisbane). Through my work for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy I have had the honour of seeing a huge amount of the continent, in particular the ancient and ever-changing landscapes of Northern Australia in the Northern Territory and Queensland. The fauna and flora of Australia are so unique, and I have become completely entranced by this country, only fuelling my passion for the conservation of nature, both here in Australasia, and globally. I see photography as an important method of science communication, particularly for less understood, and often demonised, species such as bats. I hope you enjoy browsing my albums, and will aim to update these regularly.  

Alongside my work for an amazing conservation NGO I have embarked on a PhD to stay involved with the academic research world, and utilise my love of bats, which I have specialised in for over 5 years. Fenced reserves are an essential conservation tool with over 35 in Australia alone (AWC just completed their 9th), these reserves provide safe-havens for many iconic species such as bilbies and bettongs, but nobody has assessed whether these reserves may assist volant mammals ie. bats. My project with the Centre for Ecosystem Science (UNSW) aims to highlight the role of these reserves as a possible bat conservation tool, please feel to get in touch!              

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